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Song of the Week #34: Anna Nalick "Walk Away" (live)

Happy New Year!

This might be my favorite song from 2008 – it's definitely my most listened to. However it wasn't released this year, as Anna's album has been pushed to TBD 2009. She started performing this new track during her radio promo tours this summer and thankfully there are a number of versions on youtube, this one being my favorite. It's coming off a bout with laryngitis, but she still sounds great to me warts and all. It's a powerful lyric about pushing through despite the odds and "I don't think we tell each other enough how important we are." It has great inflection, great emotion, she looks amazing, and most importantly she’s real and her vocal sounds amazing with that brilliant build to the emotional: "didn't anybody tell you, you don't have to, you don't have to – jump – only do it if you like it, if you don't like it, you don't have to – jump – just remember what it's like when you walk away, just remember that we cry when you walk away…"

She has said that "this is a rocker on the album" so I can't wait to hear how it translates on the album, but for now this will, and has, tided me over until the album comes out. There are so many great facial expressions on this and the ending bit as she introduces herself and her band as "Timmy, Timmy…not Timmy" is just lovely. This video includes everything I love about this lady (well, except for the rockin’ side).

What a powerful chorus, something everyone needs to hear and be reminded of.

Be wary, oh be careful
It’s only skin and therefore
So breakable
But take heart
It’s only a part of who you are

Don’t you wonder why, everybody cries every time you walk away
Don’t you know the sun it rises when you come and it follows when you walk away
Don’t you walk away

More Anna Nalick:
"Walk Away" (live) at Radio Alice studios
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