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03 March 2009 @ 12:47 am
Song of the Week #40: Tara MacLean "Over and Out"  
It's been a year since I started this little weekly blog and who better to kick off year #2 than my favorite female artist.

There are a couple of my favorite artists that I've yet to run a Song of the Week on yet – namely Tara MacLean and James Kinne. Part of the reason is that I want to choose the best possible song to showcase what I love about them and either I haven't decided on the song, or it's not online. I think I take this stuff way too seriously, but these are two artists that are so important to me, they occupy a huge part of my musical heart.

James' time will come, but for now I'm finally able to present a Tara track as her official site has been recently overhauled and much of her latest album is streaming in a player on her site. My favorite song of hers, the one I always wanted to use, is an unreleased cut that she used to play live called "Child." That song is one of my top 10 favorite songs of all time, but my favorite version of the song isn’t available online, and probably never will be (SXSW March 16th, 2000 for those keeping track at home – it used to stream online actually back at the turn of the century, and was included on a promo VHS from that SXSW show from Capitol but with all my Tara fan contacts have only been able to find one person who owns it. It's one of the holy grail items as far as Tara collecting goes – I'd most likely pay a ridiculous amount for it). There is so little Tara online for some reason.

Since that's not available, I'm going to roll with my favorite track from her 2007 digital EP (Signs of Life) and 2008 physical release (Wake), called "Over and Out."

Tara MacLean: "Over and Out"

Click here or the image above and her media player will auto start, select "Over and Out" by clicking the double arrow ">>" button.

The mood and groove is established from the onset, organic and raw, with a touch of middle eastern flavor. Her voice is majestic and beautiful, equal parts fragile and full of renewed strength. She had experienced the loss of her sister, a divorce, new love, a baby, and a more during the writing and recording of this record (it was 4-5 years in the making).

Here are Tara's notes on the track:
Over and Out: Deep in the desolation that this life is bound to bring us all, is so much beauty. The Buddhists say that the suffering is optional. I think we do a certain amount of suffering before we realize we really want to learn to deal with it gracefully…or perhaps find ways to move through it, or even avoid it completely. The only formula I have found so far that works for pretty much everything is non-attachment. Let it go. This takes much practice. This song is about the moving through and to the other side.

I could describe the way she sings "in desolation sound" and how the inflection in her voice makes one's knees buckle, but I'll spare you. Her voice doesn't carry the melody, her voice is the melody.

Hey, look at me now, look what I've found in desolation sound
Letting it go is what life's about
Over, out

More Tara MacLean:
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