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26 March 2009 @ 12:30 am
Song of the Week #43: Everybody Else "The Longest Hour of My Life"  
As spring is slowly, very slowly, approaching I'm firing up one of my favorite spring songs from a little band called Everybody Else (named after a Kinks song actually). Their debut came out on Militia back in 2007 and featured two brilliantly catchy rock/pop songs that I love, "Alone in the World," and "The Longest Hour of My Life."

Click the image above for their myspace page - scroll down in the player near the bottom for "The Longest Hour of My Life" - or you can check out this 7/8 complete version to a random photo collage on youtube.

I can't get enough of the harmonies on the super hooky chorus:
"I miss the rain, I miss the sun, when I'm at home I miss being gone, I miss that subway rattlin' by, the longest hour of my life, what I miss the most, is you.."

It's 4 minutes of pure pop perfection.

More Everybody Else:
The Longest Hour… (live)
Alone in the World - another 4 minutes of pop perfection