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07 April 2009 @ 12:34 am
Song of the Week #45: Joe Bonamassa "The Ballad of John Henry"  
This is a great song, but watch the video if you're able (HD is preferred) for a great glimpse into the recording of the track. This is the title track from his recent release which spent at least 2 weeks at the top of the Blues chart. While it's on the blues chart it also belongs on any Classic Rock radio station or in any rock fans library.

As many of you know, my history with Joe dates back to his first band project, Bloodline, in the mid-90s. I was lucky enough to hang out with them on a number of occasions on their 1995 tours - Erin Davis (Miles' son), Waylon Kreiger (Robbie from the Doors' son), Berry D. Oakley (son of the Allman Bros. bassist of the same name), Lou Segreti (no son, but handled a Hammond B-3 like no other), and Joey, combined for a blistering blues rock group that just tore the roof off every night. Oh the hundreds of photographs that I wish I had time to scan and digitize… If you ever run across the self-titled release from 1994 though on EMI definitely pick it up! It's well out of print and goes for a good clip on eBay these days, I picked up just under 10 copies in the late '90s when it was around $5 – Berry’s mom, Clovis, and I used to out-bid each other to get extra copies LOL.

But this is Joe, 2009 style with a killer guitar riff, great vocal and a thundering rhythm section. His new record will be in contention for the top of my annual Picks of the year and this lead-cut from the record is a great way to start. What a great guitar solo with some sweet slide work and finger picking. The video is a great glimpse into the recording process and how they did most of the album – all in one room and live off the floor. Iron Maiden's producer, Kevin "Caveman" Shirley, has produced his last two records and really gets some great performances. Click it and turn it up!

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