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16 April 2009 @ 07:34 am
Song of the Week #46: Miranda Lambert "Dead Flowers"  
Well, I had a couple lined up, but two I can't find online, another I can but I'd need six days to write about it, so I'm going with the song I've listened to more than any other in the past 10 days, and that is Miranda Lambert's performance of her new single, "Dead Flowers" (from the ACM awards recently).

There's something about this video, the slow driving pulse, Miranda's passionate performance, the drum fill at the 3:00 mark that leads to the last vocal line and the "yeah, yeah, yeah" that she delivers with so much intensity, the spin that immediately follows, and the break right before the end – love that little added spice at the end.

She co-writes or writes most of her material, I'm not sure if this is the case for "Dead Flowers" or not, but this performance is just intense. I've always loved performances that are of the "rip your heart out of your chest and give it the microphone," but it's rare that you see it on a show such as this – that's why this one stood out to me. It’s not the most exposed I've ever seen, but it's more than normal on an awards show like this. And that's not to say that there aren't other performers that do this type of thing better, I was just impressed with the vulnerability and passion shown by her on this (as I've seen her on these shows before and she's usually blowing things up - literally) and it's not that other artists don't have emotionally charged songs, but if you're singing about something that's tearing you up inside, for my tastes, I want to see you bleeding on stage. She comes pretty close.

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