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21 April 2009 @ 07:44 am
Song of the Week #47: Billy Falcon "Power Windows"  
"Power Windows" - scroll ½ page to the Ustream video box - 27 minute mark

So, I’m on Billy’s email mailing list as I think I asked him a question about working with Aldo Nova a few years ago – and I received his last studio effort a couple years back (which I need to revisit as I didn’t connect with it when I spun it a number of times back then, but I want to give it another shot) – and I received an email last week about him streaming a “show” from his home office/studio this weekend and I was intrigued. I missed it though, but Monday morning comes along and another email comes informing me that it’s streaming online at billyfalcon.com so I venture over there, put the headphones on and click play. As the morning unfolds and I’m busy in spreadsheets, html, and emails, I’m reminded why his 2 records on Jon Bon Jovi’s Jambco & Mercury labels from ’91 & ’93, are so good. It’s part songwriting, part heart and soul, and large helping of that wonderful voice.

"Power Windows"
For the background on how it was written click to the 22 minute mark
At the 27 minute mark the song starts (about ½ inch on the bar at the bottom)

For those who don’t want to work for it, here’s the original video
(but Billy’s voice sounds so much better on the previous version and you can’t beat the rawness of the performance)

Lyrics down below.

Last week I brought up raw emotion and “ripping your heart out, putting it on stage and letting it sing.” My favorite Billy Falcon track is from his 1991 album and was written about losing his wife to cancer and raising his daughter without her. The lyrics for this one are below as well. It’s absolutely brilliant, there really aren’t any other words for it.

“Heaven’s Highest Hill” (live w/ story how the song was written)
“Heaven’s Highest Hill”

The webcast is fun to listen to with some great versions of songs he wrote with Bon Jovi, “Everybody’s Broken” and “Just Older,” some older material, new material – he starts the show out with an unfinished idea he wrote recently which is great – his daughter Rose does a few songs (great voices run in the family), her singer/songwriter boyfriend Brad Nelson, and Theresa Wheatley(sp?) adds backing vocals and violin (she needs to sing a song on her own I think).

More Billy Falcon:
“Scream Mamma” (live)
“Pretty Blue World” (live)
Rose Falcon

“Power Windows”
Charlie drives a brand new Mercedes Benz
He's got another one just like it
Just like all his friends
His wife is playing tennis
And his kids are off at school
He drives home to his empty house
Sits by his empty swimming pool

But he's got power windows
He's got power brakes
He's got a power bed
Push a button and it shakes
He's got no one to talk to
And tears rolling down his face
He ain't got the power of love
The power of love

Lewis drives a beat up '69 Dart
Swears it's the statue of Mary
Keeps the car from falling apart
With Gracie right beside him
Sitting closer than a smile
She got her hand on his shoulder
He loves to drive and hold her
He's got no power windows
Got no power brakes
He ain't got no power nothing
But he got what it takes
He's got Gracie's arm around him
And a smile upon his face
He's got the power of love
He's got the power of love
Ain't that the power of love
He's got the power
The power of love

No air condition
No cellular telephone
He goes rumblin' down the highway
Listening to his AM radio
One arm out the window
And a smile upon his face
Makes you wonder how it got there
Till you see him look at Grace

He's got the power
Ain't that the power of love

“Heaven’s Highest Hill”
How do I tell my baby
Momma's not coming home
How do I tell myself
I'll be staying alone
Oh, I can't stop crying
She'll say Daddy, I want to hold her
I want to see her again
Want to kiss her, want to touch her
Oh, what can I say
So do I
Oh Momma, I'm missing you real bad
But it don't do me no good
Sitting, thinking about what we had

Love don't stop
It goes on forever
Love don't stop
And it never will
Love don't stop
One day we'll be together
Love don't stop
And I'll sing this song to you someday
On heaven's highest hill

How am I gonna look into those big brown eyes
When she wakes up crying out in the middle of the night for Momma
How will I make it better
The house is full of people
But nobody's home
Everybody's here and I'm all alone
Calling out your name but there's no answer
Oh, Momma last night she told me not to cry
I swear I see you every time she smiles

I don't know if you hear me
Sometimes I like to think you do
All the things we been fighting for
I'm gonna make them all come true
And these arms they ache to hold you
And I know one day I will
I'll meet you in the tall grass
Up on heaven's highest hill

1991, Billy Falcon