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28 April 2009 @ 11:17 pm
Song of the Week #48: Lacuna Coil "Spellbound"  

This would be my first song of the week from the lovely (so I hear) country of Italy!

The first single from the new album, Shallow Life, is a stormer! Very melodic, very powerful, with Lacuna’s trademark interplay between the male/female vocals. They even toss in an all too brief guitar solo (not all that common for LC) capped by a tasteful pick slide. While vocalist Cristina Scabbia is most talked about as the sexiest woman in metal, let’s not overlook the most important factor – her incredible voice! It’s always been the saving grace for me as Andrea (the male vocalist) is alright, but he’s no match for Cristina.

What a killer opening guitar riff and the drum fill that comes in (and appears again driving into the guitar solo later) does a great job of propelling the song forward with dynamic intensity. Andrea (the male voice) delivers a deep, haunting verse which leads right into a semi-hard stop prior to Cristina’s soaring vocal entry on the chorus. And we’re off the races for a white-knuckle musical ride.

An excellent driving song! And the video is pretty decent too.

Turn it up and rock!

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