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16 September 2009 @ 08:18 am
Song of the Week: #61: Muse "Uprising"  
It was great to see many of you at last week’s convention – what a great time. Welcome to the new additions to the list.

When I first started at Trans World almost 10 years ago now I remember hearing about this power-trio from the U.K. as we were doing an enter to win for a signed guitar and there were logistics around getting it signed, etc. But, it made me pick up the disc and give it a spin. It was alright, nothing earth shattering, but there were some decent cuts on it.

When 2003’s Absolution came out I was absolutely blown away by that record and the more that I listened, the more it revealed its nuances to me. The frenetic urgency of feeling as if you were at the top of a mountain, trapped in a snowball as it raced away from the summit… “Hysteria” and “Butterflies and Hurricanes” are some of best songs written this decade. Matthew Bellamy is a monster guitarist, composer, vocalist with little shame about releasing his inner-Queen.

Black Holes & Revelations in 2006 saw another musical shift to a more commercial sound, yet still retaining all the quirkiness of previous releases. Comparisons to Radiohead and other Brit pop groups may be more appropriate for their earlier material, but Muse was definitely finding their own way and blazing a trail of their own. Onstage they throwdown and take no prisoners (from what I’ve seen and heard – sadly I’ve not experienced them live yet).

The new album, The Resistance, is out now and pushes them into a greater area of musical self-awareness. Pushing away from specific influences of the past they instead gather all previous styles and genres, shake them up and combine them into another forceful, anthemic collection of songs. It’s no wonder they can fill Wembley (Stadium that is).

I’m not going to call them the future of rock and roll, but if they were, we’d be in very good hands.

Check out the first single from The Resistance for a taste of this brilliant trio!

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