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10 February 2010 @ 10:20 pm
Bp's Song of the Week #74: Brandi Carlile "Oh Dear" (live Albany)  
I usually don’t repeat an artist this quickly, Brandi was an SotW artist back in October when her most recent album, Give Up the Ghost, was released, but I saw her last Thursday and was listening to her all week leading up to it. For the first time I really appreciated her first two records. Previously they had eluded me. Not totally, there were some great songs, but as a complete unit they didn’t gel; until now.

Brandi and the twins, her co-writers and band from the very beginning, Phil & Tim Hanseroth, were a super tight unit and her voice shone all night long. I could feature every track from her new album, or her best song, the title track from her 2nd album, The Story, the gut wrenching “Before it Breaks,” the rollicking “Caroline” with Elton John, the three-part audience participation harmony of “Turpentine,” or “That Year” which was written about a friend who committed suicide when she was in high school – heart breaking, or the absolutely unplugged (no mics at all) version of “Dying Day.” There’s so much to pick from.

But I’m going to opt for the show opener…the harmonies are breathtaking. Brandi’s range is amazing and her band matches her brilliantly.

Just listen and enjoy.

More Brandi Carlile:
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