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17 March 2010 @ 10:33 pm
Bp's Song of the Week #77: Justin Nozuka "Woman Put Your Weapon Down"  
Who knew there were so many Travis fans around – what a great response from last week’s pick! Here’s something a little more current.

Justin Nozuka: “Woman Put Your Weapon Down”

A great young artist from Canada whose sophomore album is due in April and this is one of two new singles out now. His first record, Holly, made #3 on my list of CD Picks for 2008. A breath of fresh air amongst singer/songwriters. Producer/guitarist Bill Bell (Tara MacLean, Tom Cochrane, Jason Mraz) made me initially really pay attention and the production on the stark debut release was one of the reasons it connected with me. This time around, on the follow-up record, there’s a great mix of intimacy to the tracks, but the band plays a larger role and delivers a deep groove and soulful vibe, which was apparent on the debut, but this is highlighted with a bigger sound.

Things to love about this cut:
Listen closely underneath the verses for some nice bass action
The loose Hi-hat strikes underneath the chorus
Justin’s vocal gymnastics that walk the line of being distracting but never cross over
The backing vocals bringing an R&B feel, keeping the track lighter than the darkness it possesses
The guitar swell at 3:45 that kicks off that magical guitar solo.
The latter part of the song is just a storm of intensity

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