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17 June 2010 @ 07:35 am
Bp's Song of the Week #83: Rush "Brought Up to Believe"  
Rush - “Brought Up to Believe”

Ok, so it’s not the official title of the song, and I’m really anal when it comes to presenting titles of songs including “the” and all, but the ‘real’ title is “BU2B” – c’mon my Canadian friends, you’ve never been hip, so why try to be almost 40 years into your career?

What a monster riff to start this one off, eh? It’s 1 of 2 new tracks recorded in April and released a few weeks ago (the Rush plan is release these 2 cuts – they have 5 more written, tour this summer and play the two new songs live, head back into the studio in the Fall/Winter, finish the record, release it in the Spring and tour again next summer for a 70+ date tour). A wonderfully rich chorus juxtaposed with some of the heaviest music they’ve laid down since the late ‘70s. How many other bands who released their debut CD 36 years ago continue to make relevant music year after year?

On a related note, for Rush fans and non-Rush fans alike, the Tribeca Film Festival Award Winning documentary is in theaters now and coming out on DVD/BR at the end of the month – it is some of the best 105 minutes of film I’ve ever seen. Even from a non-fan perspective it is a wonderful testament to 40 years of friendship and music making that, regardless of how you feel about the music, you can’t help but be moved by; what a legacy. Click for the trailer.

I’d seen the documentary about 5 times by the time I saw it on the big screen and yet my eyes watered when the band discussed their 2002 performance in Hartford, CT. It was their first show back after a 4 year break from the band and touring after drummer Neil Peart suffered the loss of his daughter and wife in 1997 and 1998 respectively. As the band recalled that night I could still remember the electricity in the air in Hartford as my friends from Boston, Seattle, Buffalo, Central Florida, Philly, DC, the UK and I all shared the experience together. It had been a long time since the previous tour’s last show in Ottawa 1997 and it was wonderful to see everyone again for what we all knew was a very special night. It was special for the band as well.

I was brought up to believe
The universe has a plan
We are only human
It's not ours to understand

The universe has a plan
All is for the best
Some will be rewarded
And the devil take the rest

All is for the best
Believe in what we're told
Blind men in the market
Buying what we're sold
Believe in what we're told
Until our final breath
While our loving Watchmaker
Loves us all to death

In a world of cut and thrust
I was always taught to trust
In a world where all must fail
Heaven's justice will prevail

The joy and pain that we receive
Each comes with its own cost
The price of what we're winning
Is the same as what we've lost

Until our final breath
The joy and pain that we receive
Must be what we deserve
I was brought up to believe

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