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29 June 2010 @ 04:54 pm
Bp's Song of the Week #85: Porcupine Tree "Way Out of Here" (live)  

Porcupine Tree: Way Out of Here (live)

I’m not going to intricately dissect this track, but watch and listen to the interplay between the members parts, there are a lot of subtle nuances that tie everything together nicely. This is a such a powerful track and live it is an absolute stunner. It also features John Wesley, one of my favorite performers on the powerful and dynamic chorus vocal. I will highlight the 5:24 – 5:45 section that breaks into the final chorus as just an outstanding concert moment of power and intensity, rising crescendo and tension into a chorus, white-light, release of energy – excellent!

Years ago I kept reading about the UK band, Porcupine Tree on the Marillion email mailing list I was on as they had opened some dates in Europe for Marillion and people were raving about them. It wasn’t until I ran across a copy of their Lightbulb Sun CD in the mid 2000’s that I actually checked them out and wow…this was some different and interesting stuff. A little heady perhaps, but I’ve never been afraid of that. They’ve since signed to Lava and then Atlantic for U.S. distribution and developed a nice little following.

They paint a very visual picture with their music, it’s all very cinematic. The ‘whisper to a scream’ dynamic is embraced and featured quite well in this track. Steven Wilson, principal songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist is a brilliant producer and composer. Members of the ‘80s outfit, Japan, bassist Colin Edwin and keyboardist Richard Barbieri provide an atmospheric and moody and intricate backdrop with the help of drummer Gavin Harrison. On the road, they bring out the aforementioned Tampa-based guitarist John Wesley (who is one of my favorite songwriters and musicians, as well as a super nice guy, who I’ve followed for almost 20 years on his own).

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