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18 November 2010 @ 10:10 pm
Bp's Song of the Week #100: Trans-Siberian Orchestra "Gutter Ballet medley"  
It’s been so long…two+ weeks without a Song of the Week. What’s this thing called ‘real life’ that gets in the way of my weekly release? I missed the one-year anniversary of Tara MacLean in Toronto which I really wanted to commemorate, but now it’s November and the TSO tour has started so it’s all about TSO for the next couple of months. Oh, and that little thing I do at the end of the year for my Picks of year…good thing I started chipping away at that in the summer.

There’s so much to say about the 2 shows in Hartford I caught early in this current TSO tour – how can you beat almost 6 hours of one of your favorite bands in a 9 hour stretch?! Is there anything better? A few things, but not a lot. The annual Winter Tour is so much more than a Holiday show – sure there are holiday songs, but it’s about 50/50, and it’s one of the most energetic shows you’ll see. It’s definitely one of the biggest productions you’ll see. But most important, musically it is a genre-crossing mix of styles and sounds performed by an amazing set of musicians.

One of the newest members of TSO is who is featured in this week’s track. Her first tour with the band and at the tender young age of 18 – she’s taking arenas into the palm of her hand and blowing crowds away. I was skeptical heading in, knowing what she was going to do and wondering how she was going to tackle it as there was no youtube footage out there prior to me seeing the 5th and 6th shows of the tour. I knew I had to capture it and that’s what you’ll see if you click the link, my 2nd row center footage which I feel captures a vibe and energy – if only you could feel the heat from the pyro you’d think you were there. She stole the show for me. You’ll recognize the Fab Four in the mid-section of this medley from an upcoming Rock Theater project called Gutter Ballet.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Gutter Ballet Medley (Sleep/Help/new song)

There's something about her little fist spin around 3:46, you can see her itching as far back as 2:33 to kick it up, but at the 3:46 she's putting it all out there, grabbing the mic in preparation for the roller coast that's about to start. By 4:40 there’s no looking back and at the 5:00 mark she is in total control of the arena – and she’s not the only one packing heat - the howling at 5:30 knocked me down, and she closes with ease.

I don’t normally like covers of The Beatles stuff, but wow.

They’re on tour until New Year’s Eve – check them out!

More Bp captured TSO links from the 2010 Tour:
Mozart & Memories – I left my 5th row seat to grab an empty one I scoped out in the upper part of the first level so I could shoot this off the end of the catwalk. After the afternoon show I knew I had to capture it, just knew it wouldn’t work from the floor. Blazing guitars, lasers, pyro, strings, catwalks, classic melodies, moving light trusses, seriously what more can you ask for?
Music Box Blues – just listen to the old school R&B Soul of Erika Jerry
Christmas Canon Rock – timeless melody carried by guitar and 4 voices – simply gorgeous
An Angel Returned – what a great chorus of voices at the end of this

If you have less than a minute to get involved – this is a good snapshot – fire, guitars, hair, intensity, a little bombast.
The Mountain