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11 April 2008 @ 06:56 am
Song of the Week #7 - Jesse Malin (w/Bruce Springsteen) "Broken Radio"  

It should auto-load, but if another song does, click "Broken Radio" the first track in the media player. From 2007's Glitter in the Gutter.

Jesse has a very distinctive voice which is amazing, but the way he uses it is fantastic - the beauty lies in his restraint and how he delivers vocals dripping with emotion with such restraint. That's the case with this track - a duet with The Boss.

Speaking of the mighty Bruce - there are only a handful of voices that can make as big an impact upon their entry to a song....when he steps in for verse 2 it's just electrifying.

Vocally this could be the best track of 2007. Check out these lines and how they are presented - absolutely brilliant.

Bruce: "Well we never had a lot of cash, but we loved those kids, some say she missed the boat, she just burned the bridge." (0:50)

Jesse: "She used to talk about astrology, she was born in June..." (1:59)

Bruce's "Angels love you more" (3:20)

There is a remixed version that has been recently released and there is a video here (but I think the song is better without the video - but if you liked the first listen, checking out the video is cool).

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