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17 December 2010 @ 08:09 pm
Bp's Song of the Week #103: Within Temptation "Where is the Edge?"  
As I’m putting the finishing touches on my picks of 2010, a great Dutch band released the first single from their March 2011 album this week and got me really excited for 2011’s prospects.

Sharon del Adel has one of the best and most powerful female voices in rock right now and she brings it on this new track. Soaring over the symphonic rock arrangement underneath as it churns through the verses, exploding into a majestic chorus. All the reasons I fell for this band about 7 years are wrapped up into this powerful new track.

Where is the Edge

Within Temptation teamed up with the Dutch film studio producing a film based on the disappearance of Natalee Holloway and the video is an extended trailer for the film. The song wasn’t written or the film, but does deal with some similar themes.

It’s the rule that live by and die for
It’s the one thing that you cannot deny
Even though you don’t know what the prize is
It is justified…

…Cause your losing your mind and your sleep in the heart of the night

Where is the edge of your darkest emotions?
Why does it all survive?
Where is the light of your deepest devotion?
I pray that it’s still alive

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