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Bp's Song of the Week #110: Within Temptation "Lost"

In the last week, the new Within Temptation has become my favorite album of the year so far – dramatic, powerful, dynamic, haunting, emotional, and rockin’! I was all set to use the first single, “Faster,” but when I heard the full album this song stepped up and has stuck with me, receiving the most repeat plays. It’s a concept album – but you’d never know it by just listening to it – that loosely follows the trials and tribulations of the main character, Sinead.


Starting softly with Sharon den Adel’s gorgeous vocals, fragile and aching. The chorus pushes in at 0:48 “She’s lost in the darkness, fading away…” with a bass wash (check this out in your car if you can, turn it up and the bass just rolls over you – it’s awesome), “I’m still around here screaming her name, She’s haunting my dream world trying to survive, my heart is frozen, I’m losing my mind…” and just as you think the chorus is ending, it’s not. At 1:11 it explodes. You’ve been pulled in by the fragility up to this point, the poignancy, the ache, and now Sharon kicks the intensity up a notch with the chilling, “Help Me! I’m buried alive!”

I got chills the first time I heard that – it burst out of nowhere and just flattened me. Such an amazing voice.

In a musical twist, as the second chorus comes to a climax we’re released into an acoustic, classical tinged guitar solo – not a typical screaming guitar solo as you would think. The acoustic piece gently, but deliberately carries the pain of Sinead’s loss and bleeds into a gorgeous electric solo.

I’ll stop – just listen, close your eyes, and feel it.

More Within Temptation:
The Howling (live)

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