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04 May 2011 @ 08:20 pm
Bp's Song of the Week #114: Blue Man Group "Zygote Finale"  
So there I was at the majestic Proctor’s Theater in Schenectady a couple of weeks ago (yes, I’m behind on the SotW a bit) trying to drown the musical sorrows from a show that I was supposed to see the week prior, but due to circumstances beyond my control and some within my control, I had to bail on. The strangest thing happened during this week’s song.

But first the set up. Musically I was pretty disappointed and even lost desire to listen to music for a couple days after the missed TSO show, so getting out the Blue Man Group discs to ‘prep’ for this show was refreshing, but sitting in the venue that night, as much as I loved the show there was still something missing, I wasn’t all there – part of my musical soul was still thinking about the missed show. Blue Man brought their permanent theater shows on the road and did a great job recreating the magic with the Cap’n Crunch segment, Drumbone, PVC IV, The Feast, Marshmallow Catch & Art, Time to Start, and many other skits and songs. While I’ve seen them twice in large venues and three times in Boston, it had been three and a half years since I’d had a BMG fix. They were brilliant as usual.

Then “Zygote Finale” started and while I’d seen a video clip from the Blue Man Insiders months ago and I had an idea what it was all about, I wasn’t fully prepared. They first turn zygote balls into musical instruments and then pass them off to the crowd. The theater turned into a rave-like atmosphere (I haven’t been to a real rave, but this definitely evoked the rave-feeling). It’s typical of BMG to spin something around on its head in a unique way – this time with zygote balls and a long list of the many slang names for the “greatest weapon in the dance party arsenal.”

“Zygote Finale”

This was an awesome experience – and I hate, abhor beach balls at venues – but this was different. 3:43 was a such a cool feeling as the “air balloons” were set free, but the real magic kicked in at 5:18 when the tempo suddenly changed – like you were pushed off a cliff and hung suspended in mid-air. The combination of the music, the floating balls, the paper canons, the finger-like air tubes waving in the air – it was for me a musically transcendent experience. The disappointment I’d felt for a almost a week quickly started to dissipate and was being magically healed – there’s no way to describe it, but it was soothing, energizing and brilliantly moving. I was shaking.

And then the madness came back again at 6:38.

Never did I think such a magical moment would come from a song with lyrics that included “wiggle bags,” “junk in the trunk,” “squashtart,” “John Madden,” “badonkadonk,” and “wiggle that rump hump.”

Different perspectives:
From Philadelphia balcony in two parts: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQrIMeqz50Y &
The last few minutes (great color and includes the cheeky ending not on the above links): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOdcmiF024w

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