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16 May 2011 @ 09:19 am
Bp's Song of the Week #116: Angie Aparo "Hush"  
Alright, so it’s been a few weeks without an update and there’s a couple of explanations for that:
1) Time, real life
2) TSO – 2 back to back nights on 5/20 Binghamton & 5/21 Poughkeepsie. I was almost listening exclusively to live shows from this tour the week prior and the weeks afterward.
3) For a time I was only interested in listening to TSO, The Civil Wars, Within Temptation, and a couple others who I’d already featured recently.
4) I’ve featured TSO a number of times, and pretty recently, but if there was one band right now that I could go on for pages about it is Trans-Siberian Orchestra. How many of you want to read about that again though? But isn’t this weekly series more about me than you? A log and recorded rambling of what I’m into THIS week….so why should I care if I’m a little repetitive? Why should I care about pigeon-holing myself? I don’t know.
5) As with other groups that mean so much to me, I find them harder to write about, so even though I wanted to get the TSO out there, it was a bit monumental and daunting.

So here’s what I’ve come up with for this week, because I desperately need to get back on the horse before another week goes by, I’m collecting the notes and comments that I’ve started over the past few weeks where I didn’t send anything and I’m combining them into a shorter, less rambling collection of the last few weeks. Did I say less rambling? Scratch that.

There’s been so much great new stuff to get excited about in the past couple weeks: Anna Nalick, Imelda May, Journey, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Matt Nathanson’s living liner notes on amazon, Pendagron, live Def Leppard, and I found some Rob Evan work with Jim Steinman on YT. So it’s back on the horse…

Week of 5/16
Angie Aparo “Hush”

It was February of 2000 when I picked up a couple of cardboard sleeve promos from the ‘promo bin’ at work and listened to them the next day. One was by Sister Seven and the other was Angie Aparo. I picked them up because they were female artists and I was into checking out female artists. Lo and behold, despite the typically feminine name, Angie wasn’t a female after all, but a singer-songwriter from the South who completely overtook my musical world that year. I ranked The American as my favorite album of 2000 in my annual year in review and had the pleasure of seeing him a number of times in very intimate locations in the years to follow. Sadly, as Clive Davis and Arista shifted gears, Angie (along with others including Shannon Curfman who I was really into that year) were left by the wayside. Both continue to release great independent work, but the trajectory was shifted at a pivotal time.
“Hush” is brilliant and something about the passion that Angie brings to the vocal crushes me whenever I hear it. When he delivers the “hush” in each chorus it just sends a jolt through me – always has, don’t know exactly why, but that’s what great music does. A mother to her song:

There's a moment lost in time
When she says, ‘hush,
I'm on your side,
It's just the two of us, you know that I,
You know I'll never say goodbye’

More Angie Aparo:
Cry (Faith Hill covered his song – and his version is so much more haunting and powerful)
Hush (live acoustic no mics – stunning)
Memphis City Rain (live)
Spaceship (piano & voice live)