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02 June 2011 @ 09:28 am
Bp's Song of the Week #118: Rush "Force Ten" (live 1990)  
Rush “Force Ten” (live 1990)

I wanted to celebrate the 21st anniversary of my first Rush show (the first of 31 and counting), on June 2, 1990 at the then Knickerbocker Arena, in Albany, NY. I had pulled as many details as I could out of my brother when he saw them first on April 13, 1986 and just missed them on the 1987-88 tour, but could not miss them in 1990. I was finally able to catch them, with my brother Mark, for the first time on the Presto Tour. It was my 2nd concert and first arena show. I still have vivid memories waiting outside the venue looking down on the street from the outer concourse area and chatting with Mark and getting terribly excited about the show. Robert Plant’s first solo tour was being announced on the scoreboard in the center of the venue as we waited for the openers, Mr. Big, to go on. Rush was amazing that night – the light show absolutely brilliant and just being there, in the 2nd level on Alex Lifeson’s side – not great seats by any means – was just amazing. The black tour shirt I bought that night was worn many many times during my high school years and while I still have it, strangely enough it doesn’t fit as well as it once did. “Force Ten” was one of my favorites at the time and still remains a highlight from that show, the first song I saw them perform live.