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21 June 2011 @ 09:35 am
Bp's Song of the Week #120: Matt Nathanson "Run" (with Sugarland)  
Matt Nathanson “Run”
With Jennifer Nettles & Kristian Bush of Sugarland

For the record let me state that I’m not a fan of Jennifer Nettles voice on any level….although here it sounds really nice.

And I might go on a limb and say this is one of my favorite songs of the year.

On Matt’s last album, his hit, “Come On Get Higher” sparked something in the Sugarland folks and they started covering it in their live performances and included it on the deluxe version of their last CD. Matt then opened some dates on their last tour and he also did a run of dates this Spring opening for them as well. While Matt was working on his new CD, Modern Love – available today, 6/21, he wrote this song with Jennifer & Kristian.

“I wanna watch you undress
I wanna watch you glow
Let your hair down all around and cover us both
You come in waves
We crash and we roll
You surround me, pull me, drown me, then swallow me whole

You turn, turn, turn, turning me on
Like a slow fire burn
I know that it’s wrong,
Still I run, run run, run right into you”

On that tour this Spring, during Sugarland’s set they brought Matt out to perform this song with them (that show placement doesn’t suck), and the chemistry between the three of them was great! Here’s an example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNblcBlF3wM

It’s not difficult to figure out that this is an extension of “Come on Get Higher” with a more epic feel. There’s a great clip on amazon where Matt talks about it being his “small song,” that it was going to be understated and very subdued – then he went to Atlanta because the Sugarland folks wanted to record it with him and then they turned it on its ear. When they changed the vision of the song he was totally out of his comfort zone and freaking out, but after some deliberation and calls with his co-producer they worked it all out into the version that exists today. “It was totally different than what I thought it would be, but it became one of my favorite songs on the record for a long time.”

It would be wrong of me to point out that one of the coolest parts of the songs is the U2-ish sound immediately after the chorus with the epic-sounding “ooohs” – just love it!

Matt’s repeats of Jennifer’s lines that start in the second verse, and then their back and forth as the song continues, are just brilliant. Ground-breaking, no, but effective and passionate.

“I’m amazing, when you’re beside me
I am so much more…”

It almost makes you want them to make an album together! But in lieu of that, Matt’s new record is finally here and it’s amazing! I’ve been listening to it for the past couple weeks (thanks to an AOL stream that I captured as 1 continuous 45 minute track – it’s actually been cool listening to it at a clip and not being able to jump from track to track) over and over again on all modes of playback. It’s the album of the Summer and perfectly timed for release on the solstice as this is a perfect windows down, cranked up loud record! Check out more below! Definitely one of my favorite albums of the year thus far, if not my favorite.

More from Modern Love:
Kept (live)
Mercy (Less Drowning, More Land)
Modern Love (live)
Drop to Hold You

Some Classic Matt:
Falling Apart (live radio bare and brilliant) – the world stops for 4 minutes when you watch this
Answering Machine (live)
Detroit Waves (live rockin’ abandon)
Angel/I Saw (live) - (the first song I first of Matt’s and I instantly fell in love with his voice)
Suspended (live – no mics)