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21 July 2011 @ 09:56 pm
Bp's Song of the Week #123: Anna Nalick "Words" (live)  
It’s great to hear Anna belting out a rocker again!

On the way to releasing a full blown album in early 2012, Anna Nalick has released what started as a low-key acoustic predecessor, but became a bit more. Broken Doll & Odds & Ends ended up being a few songs from previous albums that were written, but never released (let’s say that the she and her label both had some difficulties over the last few years), as well as some new songs, and a cover. She’s been doing a number of shows at the Hotel Café in LA with shows here and there in NYC, Nashville, and other select cities, performing a few older songs, but primarily focusing on new material, including a number of tracks from the upcoming release.

That’s where we find this week’s track. Filmed in NYC during a TV performance for Fox & Friends where she performed at least one cut for broadcast, “Walk Away,” and a few other cuts for the assembled audience including this rocker slated for the 2012 album. When I first saw Anna live at a club in 2005 I stated that she was the next Pat Benatar with that voice, the stage presence, the songs, the talent. Once she fully gets her stage legs back I think I’ll still stand by that as this clip shows that in the time away from a large PA has not resulted in many steps lost.

Words (live)

Now the song is cut a little short (the song, not the video) due to Fox being ready to go back to the live shot, but more than ¾ of the song is performed and it’s kind of cool to see the transition to the end. I’m glad this footage was captured. It is so nice to see guitarist Luis Maldonado back on stage with her, he and her usual bassist Tim Hogan have been busy touring and recording with John Waite for the last couple years, as Anna & Luis are a powerful force on stage and his presence alone make her performance better.

“words don’t feel, words don’t breathe, and words won’t tell me what you mean to me, those three small words, they’re overused, so more than words means more than I love you…if you’re savvy you’ll know what I’m trying to say, when I say I’ll settle for ‘I love you’ anyway…”

If you want the back story on how I received a promo from Columbia in 2004 and got hooked on Anna, my interview with her in 2006, etc. check out the links below the music links at the very bottom.

More wonderful new Anna music:

Scars (live)

“I’m not going home without you, I’ll save your life, not going home without you, I’ll make this right, and wait all night, if that’s what it takes…”

All Fall Down (live) – this is one of my favorite performances of the year! Awesome!

“Did you hear I got famous for songs I called fiction, I bet that you knew the truth on first listen, I bent that truth until it broke, so I went home to mend it, and I told your family and friends I was sorry, for hating them all as if they were a party, to your damn mess, well, I digress, it’s just that I still feel you, and I hope you don’t forget that you still wear my ring, I know you do, I still get mad at its two hands and heart, and crown, but hush, baby we all fall down, hush hush, baby we all fall down, and if you need forgiveness, who am I to leave you high and dry…Maybe when I’m older I will tell you right to your face, for every angry threat, I said ‘I love you’ under my breath…So I hope you hear this before self-destructing, remember me madly when you think of jumping and use my hands to hold your heart, my head to wear your crown, and hush, baby we all fall down….”

Walk Away (live for Fox)

Lullaby Singer (live)

Break Me Open (live)

Car Crash

These Old Wings

And of course, the big hit:

“Breathe (2 a.m.)”

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