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09 May 2008 @ 10:58 pm
Song of the Week #11 - Carrie Underwood "I Know You Won't" (live in Albany)  
I have so many other songs on the burner for song of the week, and this undoubtedly shoots my credibility down a couple points (american idol, long flowing dress, somewhat bombastic, power ballad, etc.), but you know what? Who cares! She delivers a gut-wrenching and spine-tingling performance on this. Sure, it's not a cut your chest open and bleed on the tiny stage as a singer-songwriter could, but this is pretty darn close for this type of arena show.

Why did it make this week? As I was getting things together for Mother's Day I wanted to hear Carrie's "All-American Girl" (it always makes me smile), but after that my head told me that I needed (not just wanted, but needed) to hear Carrie's live version of "I Know You Won't" - and I knew there were good versions from the Albany show I saw earlier this year.

She was sick as a dog, could hardly talk between songs, coughing all night, but she killed on this. It was the highlight of the show - without a doubt.

1:47 - you think this is the peak, you're not even close
2:45 - hitting her stride
3:05 - wow
3:20-3:28 - chills!
3:35 - great dramatic pause and if you could see the light cue your knees would have buckled by now

It doesn't even matter that more than 1/2 of the song contains the same two vocal lines - they are delivered more and more passionately each time. You can feel the pain of frustration, desperation even...

"Here I am just starin' at this candle burnin' out
Still no sound
Of footsteps on my stairs
Or your voice anywhere
You say you'll call
But I know you
You say you're comin' home
But I know you
You say you'll call
But I know you won't"

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