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21 December 2011 @ 08:22 pm
Bp's Song of the Week #137: Kate Rusby "Hail Chime On"  
Happy Holidays to everyone. Whatever holiday you celebrate, I hope you have a wonderful one with your loved ones and all of your wishes come true!

While this week's pick is one of the my favorite Holiday songs, it's because it's sung by one of my many musical sirens, opposed to the very traditional lyrical content. So enjoy it no matter what you celebrate or believe, because Kate's voice is just that lovely.

It's a traditional Yorkshire carol from England that Kate Rusby arranged and recorded for her 2008 album, Sweet Bells.

"Hail Chime On"

This is a live version filmed last year at the Great British Folk Festival. Her voice and smile are the brightest lights on stage and I can listen to this on repeat again and again just to hear her sing the chorus. There is something warm and comforting about those lines and the way she sings them. It's obviously partly due to her Yorkshire accent, but the other is just something else.

"Hail, chime on, chime on
Merry, merry Christmas bells chime on"

And if we can take anything from the lyrics we should remember in the hustle and bustle of the season and for as many days afterward the following:

"...and to the earth be peace
Goodwill henceforth
From heaven to men
Begin and never cease"

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