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13 March 2012 @ 09:23 pm
Bp's Song of the Week #146: Matt Nathanson "Room at the End of the World" (live)  
You're sick of me trumpeting how wonderful I think Matt Nathanson is, aren't you?

Oh well, you're stuck with it for one more week. I did spare you after I saw him open for Kelly Clarkson in January and I was listening to Matt endlessly. Since I just went to Northampton, MA to catch a sold-out headlining gig at the Calvin Theatre from the front row, I had to share. Modern Love was my favorite album of 2011, and this was an awesome show! How do you expect me NOT to share?

"This is a song for the end of the world, if it ever came. So hopefully when it finally does come you can put it on your walkmen and go sweetly into night."

"Room @ the End of the World" + Davy Jones & Whitney tribute

Matt has a tendency to drop other artists' songs into his own, much in the way Bono does during U2 shows, and this show was no exception with some great bits from Ray Lamontagne, Soft Cell, Depeche Mode, U2, and of course the ones included in this song from the Monkees and Whitney Houston.

There's a lot of wonderful imagery within the verses of failed love, unrequited love, missed opportunities, and chances that have slipped away:

"I was weaving with the drunks,
singing Sinatra loud.
I let go of love
once it finally had me figured out.
I was buried like treasure,
but no one ever came to mark the spot."

But as the pre-chorus comes along, things have changed. Love's been found and realized and it's time to push the world away and celebrate it.

"well, the sad can't catch me
or call me baby now.
when it's all I used to believe."

The chorus is anthemic, it makes you want to put the car windows down and sing!

"If the sun don't light,
and the night won't turn,
We'll get a room at the end of the world,
and we'll rewrite all the wrongs we learned
safe in our room at the end of the world."

And the second verse is brilliant, tell me you don't know someone like this or maybe it's been you at some point:

"these streets are haunted
with the ghosts who wait on luck to come.
they sleep with hornets,
then they wonder why they wake up stung."

After the mid-section Matt comes back here in this live version a little Monkees in tribute to Davy Jones' recent passing and then segues into Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" before exploding back into the chorus again. A nice touch.

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