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21 March 2012 @ 07:28 pm
Bp's Song of the Week #147: Blue Bird "Give Me Light"  
You never know when you're going to discover something wonderful. I was checking up a few weeks back on a contest that a friend's group was a part of in order to try to get a showcase at SXSW. The group is Last October (one of my favorite CDs of last year - check them out in the links below, you will be so glad that you did). They had made the Top 10 in the national contest, but did not make the cut to the final four. While I was on the contest site I sampled the final four and this group from Oklahoma, Blue Bird, caught my ear. This song was on the contest page:

Blue Bird "Give Me Light"

As soon as this song ends you want to hear it again. I'm not sure if it's just too short, but there's definitely a pull to hear it over again.

Is it the organ swelling underneath the verses that you need to hear again?
Maybe it's that simple and effective snare drum and tight hi-hat that keeps your foot moving after it's arrival in the second verse?
The piano melody under the "la da da dada" is pretty wonderful. With the organ rolling underneath, further away, and the guitar way out there, softly in the back.
Marta Fiedler's angelic and springy voice starts to really grow on you, doesn't it? It's intoxicating.
The descending guitar melody that leads into the chorus, what a nice little touch.
And that chorus, those harmonies, the flowing and gliding melody - so gorgeous.

"Cause I've got one go at being alive
And I wanna put my arms up for the ride
And if there's love for me to find I know that it starts with a heart that's still open wide"

It sounds like you're in a huge room while they're playing, there's no wall of sound, but distinct separation between the instruments. As the acoustic provides the musical bed to your right, the electric guitar sounds like it's off in the corner, while the drums are front and center, and the organ way over there. Very organic. Very much alive and breathing.

I love the line, "I'm as patient as the moon, up in the sky" - so lovely, and again, Marta's voice is so rich. There are so many things to love about this song!

They remind me a lot of Grey Eye Glances who were around on the Polygram label in the mid-90's with lush harmonies and a great female vocalist, Jennifer Nobel. I know absolutely nothing about Blue Bird other than the EPK I watched on their Sonicbids page that's linked to below. I have been listening to their EP and full length that's streaming at the SoundCloud link below and I'm really digging a number of the songs (see the more links area below).

It's wonderful discovering new music!

Give Me Light
Give me light
So I can see again
Paint me white
I will be clean again
Take my time
I'll do it right
Even if it takes a whole lifetime
I'm as patient as the moon in the sky

Give me air
So I can breathe again
Not to speak
The thoughts I'm keeping in
All the love
And all the pain
That my body's tried to contain
It will come pouring out like clouds release the rain

Cause I've got one ending in mind
And how I get there is of my design
Whether I grow or if I fly I wanna be sure that I am still warm inside

Cause I've got one go at being alive
And I wanna put my arms up for the ride
And if there's love for me to find I know that it starts with a heart that's still open wide

I'm as patient as the moon in the sky

More Blue Bird:
Soundcloud Music Page (stream their full length & EP)
Or check out my favorites:
I Still Believe
The Apple of My Eye
The War
Don't Leave Me
It Happens All the Time
The EPK with a little background

For more on the duo I was hoping would win: Last October.