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02 May 2012 @ 08:49 pm
Bp's Song of the Week #151: Anna Wheeler "No Name"  
I could go on about the hours I spent working on the Marillion Song of the Week choice that never ended up happening. I've been at this weekly thing for four years now and I still haven't done a proper Marillion one. There's too much pressure. I am too close to them. Their songs require so much more than I feel I can give justice to. So again, I tried and failed....for now.

I've also been fully immersed in the land of Trans-Siberian Orchestra as I await my three shows starting this weekend as numerous activities that I have lined up around that. I'm sure you'll hear all about that next week.

So, this week I'm here with a song by an artist that I know nothing about. My good friend Will from St. Johns, Newfoundland sent me a link to a video by an amazing Canadian band I love, The Heartbroken (featured here last year) and then told me to check out other videos from this film company that did the one for The Heartbroken (see links below for that gem). So I clicked and was welcomed by a page full of videos and artists from Canada that I'd never heard of. So I clicked on the first one that caught my eye...the blonde singer-songwriter.

Anna Wheeler "No Name"

Strangely enough, it wasn't Anna who caught my ear and eye in the video, but Victoria Fuller, on xylophone and backing vocals. With an enchanting voice and furrowed brow I was enamored. Sadly, her myspace gave my computer a virus warning, so for now I have this video only to hear that lovely voice. But after repeated listens, I've really become addicted to this song!

I think you will to.

The Link that my friend Will sent, that led me to Anna's song, by another Canadian band I love:
The Heartbroken: "Laid to Waste" - this is pure beauty!