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03 June 2008 @ 10:19 pm
Song of the Week #15 - Bloodline "Stone Cold Hearted"/"Since You're Gone"  
I can't believe someone recently posted the album version of Bloodline's "Since You're Gone" on you tube! My favorite Bloodline track. So I'm celebrating by combining it with their first single, "Stone Cold Hearted," released in August of 1994, as a one-two punch song of the week.

"Stone Cold Hearted" (live Conan O'Brien show) - (check out the triple lick trade off starting at 3:45 - Krieger -> Segreti -> Joey = sweet)

"Since You're Gone (studio) (a masterpiece)

Who was Bloodline?
Berry D. Oakley - bass/vocals (son of Allman Brothers Band bassist Berry Oakley)
Waylon Krieger - guitar (son of Robbie Krieger of The Doors)
Erin Davis - drums (son of Miles Davis)
Smokin' Joe Bonamassa - guitar prodigy - went solo and has a handful of great blues records out
Lou Segreti - Hammond B-3/keyboards, one of the nicest guys in the biz

One album released on EMI, dropped after some band members parted, musical differences, etc. Their unreleased 2nd album remains one of my favorite records of all time (if ONLY I could get it transferred to CD!) with Oakley, Krieger & Segreti rockin' with power and raw energy.

They rocked Hartwick College in January of 1995 and it was the first official show that I photographed. In the next 8 months I saw them in Philadelphia & Lancaster PA, Boston MA, Darien Lake NY, and finally for the last time at their 2nd to last show ever, in Utica NY. I photographed them officially at 4 of the 6 shows, and stealth-wise at the HOB in Boston, shared dinners with them, exchanged snail and emails, hung backstage, onstage, above the stage, congratulated Joey on the day he got his drivers permit, stood dumbfounded when Erin told me that he was leaving after March leg of the tour was over to pursue producing, got drenched in Darien Lake and finally met Grandpa Lou's amazing wife Roberta who became an email friend over the months (her and Lou's kindness of the never-to-be-released 2nd album demos would help me get through an arduous Senior year of college and thesis - that album was my soundtrack). From the top down it was a great organization, so many great people from the band, to Sal and the many good folks at PAS, Mike their tour manager, Berry's mom Clovis, the Segreti's, Roy Weisman, all the good friends I met on and offline, etc.

Rush will always be my favorite band, followed by Marillion. But if I had to pick a sentimental favorite, or a sentimental favorite album, it would be Bloodline and their debut from 1994. It has one of the best 1, 2, 3, 4 punches with the first 4 tracks that I've ever heard (from the intro to Stone Cold Hearted, through Dixie Peach, Cell Block 7, and the phenomenal instrumental The Storm) - it's pure bliss. Then there is the masterpiece that is track 10 - Since You're Gone. The epic 9:26 powerhouse: the first 4+ minutes, a brilliant song, and then an extended jam that just tore the house down live. With a deep groove cut by Oakley, Segreti, & Davis, Krieger & Bonamassa unleash.

If anyone has any type of Bloodline or Bloodline related audio, video, memorabilia, etc. I collect it all - just let me know what you've got!

When they posed for this shot for me, down front in Utica on August 15, 1995, I never imagined it'd be the last time I'd see that magic onstage. Thanks Lou & BDO for this one and so many other great shots, and great performances! I miss you guys!

For more Bloodline:
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