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28 July 2008 @ 07:51 pm
Song of the Week #18 - Whitesnake (2008) "Best Years"  
This is classic Whitesnake - not "Is This Love" or "The Deeper the Love," but "Love Ain't No Stranger" and "Still of the Night." Great guitar-driven, full-tilt rock. I had heard a few tracks from their new album prior to listening to an advance stream of the full album and when I clicked track 1 and this exploded from my speakers I was blown away! This was the Whitesnake I remembered from the John Sykes era (he went on to form Blue Murder with Carmine Appice and Tony Franklin - remember "Valley of the Kings" - oh, how I loved that! While I was a big fan of Adrian Vandenberg (I had voted his solo track "Burning Heart" as my favorite song of the entire 1980's on my Best of the Decade list in 1989 - what an amazing guitar solo) but I really didn't care for much of the material from the Vandenberg/Via era of Whitesnake.

But the new Whitesnake album rocks!

Turn up "Best Years" - take a moment to realize how little time you spend living in the here and now and enjoying it - and crank it up! Feel the rush when the guitars kick in full force about 15 seconds in! Coverdale (say what you want) still has a great voice!

To quote Blue Man Group, "Rock concert movement #2, the one armed-fist pump - ready, go"