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09 October 2008 @ 05:21 pm
Song of the Week #27: Dana Parish "Hung Up"  
I first heard about Dana from another great NYC singer/songwriter, Jo Davidson who had some AAA success with “Kiss Me There” in the early 2000’s (see below for link). She recommended Dana’s album, It Was Beautiful, on CDBaby.com. I sampled, loved the voice, placed an order (which is always a pleasure on that site), and it made my top twenty of 2004 (see below for that review).

Now she’s combined a couple tracks from that release with a brand new batch of new cuts for Uncrushed and in trying to track down some info on the album I found this great performance, just her voice (no mic) and a piano, oozing with all the qualities that make a wonderful female vocal.

Click the image below for the you tube link to the video.

From my 2004 Best of the Year list:
Dana Parish – It Was Beautiful (Company X Records)
Jo Davidson mentioned on her web site that she had heard this amazing song, “Outta Time,” and that Dana was worth checking out at cdbaby.com so I ventured over, always on the hunt for great female vocalists. They had 2-minute samples from each song on her disc and Jo was correct, she had a great voice and “Outta Time” was a brilliant song. Ordering at cdbaby is always a blast and within a week it was at my door. What really sold me was the beginning of “Outta Time’s” first verse, gently sung over a gorgeous piano line, “I’m hittin’ the road tomorrow, Givin’ up all the comforts of home, Goodbye New York, I’ll come back to you.” The latter half she longingly lets out in a breathy voice that just drips with sadness. Within twenty seconds of listening and she’d already made my heart break – I just knew the disc was going to be great! It takes a special voice and song to create that quick of a response for me – now, I’m a sucker for great female vocalists but she went for the jugular very quickly. It also includes an exceptional cover of Billy Vera’s “At This Moment” (or as I tend to remember it, the song that Alex P. Keaton and Ellen danced to in Family Ties). For streams of three songs, click over to danaparish.com.

More Dana Parish:
Jo Davidson’s “Kiss Me There”