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21 October 2008 @ 05:32 pm
Song of the Week #28: Matt Nathanson "Bulletproof Weeks" (live)  
I’ve been on a somewhat steady Matt kick for a couple months now, and youtube is a treasure chest of amazing Matt performances.

The song of the week for Matt would be my favorite Matt track, “Answering Machine” from his acoustic live album At the Point, but that version cannot be found on youtube and all other performances pale for me in comparison – although the one at the bottom is pretty hot!

Having said that, the pick this week isn’t too shabby either.

Bulletproof Weeks – Live (studio version is on his latest release on Vanguard):

He’s a brilliant performer, with the audience in the palm of his hand. He develops such an emotional connection. I’d love to see him someday, but you can just tell how alive the room is with him on stage. This is a passionate performance and he really lays his heart on his sleeve and delivers a terrific vocal. That’s what sold me in the first place on his 2003 release on Universal which started with a short a cappella track, “Angel” (see below for link).

You know Matt’s new single which is getting some significant airplay thanks to some TV placement, “Come On Get Higher.” Get to know more!

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