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06 November 2008 @ 05:44 pm
Song of the Week #30: Trans-Siberian Orchestra "Tracers" (live)  
Trans-Siberian Orchestra "Tracers" (live 2008)

It’s a non-holiday cut from TSO (don’t worry, they’ll be back for a holiday SotW cut in December), one from their upcoming 2-CD set called Night Castle which might be released before the turn of the next century.

Song notes:
0:56 cue organ
1:15 Alex Skolnik on the Gibson Doubleneck
2:04 Alex on the wing with laser fan – really cool
2:50 Anna Pheobe kicks in the electric violin
3:20 cue vocalists
3:44 Chris Caffery, Anna & Alex rock
5:00 to end – hold onto your seats!

TSO started their annual winter tour last weekend and are on the road through early January with an East coast group and West coast group. This is the East coast performing “Tracers” which has been one of many highlights for me the past couple years. I’ll let the music do the talking on this one (although I will say for any prog or classic rock fans in the audience – you’ve got to click this one, it’s really brilliant!), but will list the tour dates below so you can catch them this winter on tour (it’s one of the best shows I’ve ever seen – hands down) tickets are not higher than $50 in any market. I will relay this one really cool quote from TSO creator Paul O’Neil about ticket prices for this tour (and they were still the #2 highest tour gross last year, and they only tour 2 months of the year!):

And, by the way, O'Neill hasn't raised ticket prices, which generally range from $20 to $50.

"In the beginning, some of our agents were like 'Now Paul, because of what is going on the economy, you probably should scale down,'" O'Neill said in a mid-October phone interview. 'Scale down? I'm doubling the thing.' (Agents asked) 'How much are we going to have to raise the ticket prices?' (I'm like) 'Ticket prices go up nowhere.'"

O'Neill didn't stop there. He had TSO's accountants find out which cities had been hit hardest by the economic downturn and arranged for special early bird ticket pricing in those markets.

"In some cities you can do family four packs at $25 a clip, per ticket, and in cities that were hit the worst, you can pick up tickets for the first two weeks at $20 a clip," O'Neill said. "So if you have a family of five, for a hundred bucks they can get three hours of the biggest rock show in the world right now, no exceptions, not even close."

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